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Blogs are free and can be set up in just a few minutes to provide you with another Online Business, and another income stream for your business.  %%FIRST_NAME%%, it’s a fact that everyone shops so any kind of Blog will reach a potential customer. 

Blogs are nothing more than information generally written from someone’s knowledge or passion on a particular subject; one of the ways customers make money from our Making Money Online course. 

Again, the most frequent online searches are “How To’s” by people who need to solve a particular problem.

Think about your own online searches for a moment.  When most people have a question about how to do something, they head for the Internet for answers.  Most of the time, those searches take them to a Blog that has the answers.  Any kind of subject that you know more about than the common person can be the subject (or content) of your Blog.

Your Blog can also simply be something about shopping; “how do I find the guaranteed lowest price?” or even something generic like “how do I fix a leaky sink” or “how to make homemade bug spray?

Once a visitor is on your Blog, you can provide a link to your website where they can have immediate access to your service that allows them to same money on their everyday shopping needs as well as be able to turn that into an online business where they can make money from other people’s everyday shopping needs.  Of course, you earn from all of these people’s daily shopping needs.

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Customers will be clicking a link so your website address doesn’t really matter.  You can also use the “Click Here” and link it to your website above.

You can also use your Blog Website to sign up for a free Google Adsense account to have them  place ads on your Blog
automatically which gives you another source of income.  Just remember, you must use your Blog Website Address/URL ( and not your Online Business Website Address above to set up your Google Adsense account.

There are a number of places on the Internet where you can easily set up a free Blog.  We’ve listed a few below.

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