Make Passive Income From Home!

Providing A Free Service That Saves People Money On Just About Everything They Need Or Want To Purchase!

In Profits Has Already Been Received By People Just Like You!
Over $ 0 Billion

Forget The Frustration!

Making money from home doesn’t have to be hard or complicated, in fact, it’s EZ with the right business and tools.  Maybe you’ve tried in the past, searching out the best Product Niches, or dealing with Drop Shippers, or trying to peddle products on Amazon or Ebay?

Well, forget all that stuff because you won’t have to deal with any of that with this business.  This service is amazing because it’s completely free for people to use (so you don’t have to try and “sell” anything) and it’s guaranteed to save them money on just about everything they’re already buying! 

In addition, they don’t have to change “what” they buy or “where” they buy so there’s nothing you have to try and convince them to change which makes it so easy. 

All It Takes Is Someone Who Wants To Save Money!

For example, many women want cosmetics – that’s just a fact.  People make money with Mary K, but then you have to find people who specifically want Mary K products, and are willing to pay the premium price.  With this service, it doesn’t matter what brand of cosmetics they like or where they buy them (discount or high end) all it takes someone who wants to save money – it’s that simple!

This Business Works In The Background Of Your Life!

For each person who signs up for your Free service, you can receive $50+ cash for each and every person who signs up for your free service, Plus 20% of their ongoing shopping activities – Forever! 

It doesn’t matter whether people are shopping at 2pm or 2am – it still generates income for you without requiring any of your time or attention!

Every Customer Becomes A Lifetime Customer For You!

Someone signs up for your Free Service one time in order to save money – you earn money from then on.  While you’re off doing other things, this Free service can be generating Passive, Residual Income for you 24/7/365!  

How would you like to spend your days – fighting traffic & working hard to make someone else rich or spending quality time with friends & family while an income is being generated for you automatically?

When Was The Last Time You Bought Something – Anything …

… From Walmart or Macy’s or Target or Amazon or eBay or Walgreens or the Home Depot, or wherever?  Most likely, it was in the last week or two & most likely, you’ll be back out shopping again in the next week or two even if it’s just for groceries like everyone else on the planet.  No matter where you shopped, did you know you could have saved money on what you purchased?!

As Benjamin Franklin said; “A Penny Saved is a Penny Earned.”  Unfortunately, the past is the past, and the money you could have saved is long gone, but it doesn’t have to be that way in the future.

Save Money On What You Purchase … Make Money On What Others Purchase!

What could be better; You Save Money on what you purchase & Make money on what hundreds, even thousands of other people purchase – every day!  Someone buys Toothpaste or Deodorant – You make money!  Peanut Butter or Coffee – You make money!  A Cell Phone, Computer, or a DVD – You make money!  A Frying Pan or Toaster – You make money!  A pair of Socks or Jeans – You make money!  Batteries or a Light Bulb or a Toy for their child – You make money, and on and on … You get the picture.

Over 500 Million Products Give You A Passive, Residual Income!

Over $1 Billion Dollars Has Already Been Paid To People Just Like YOU!

$1 Billion is a big number, and it steadily increases by about $21+ Million dollars each and every month.  Again, that money is being paid out to people just like you who are letting this Free service quietly work in the background of their lives to generate a Passive, Residual Income for them and their families.

Let’s Look At This From Your End …

Simply use one of the free ads that’s provided to let people know about your Free service – NO need to talk to strangers!  Either Online or Offline so you can do it with or without a computer.  All these ads can be placed free so you DO NOT need to spend any additional money to promote your business. 

This whole process takes just minutes, then you’re done for the day and go enjoy yourself while the free advertising you set in place tells people about your Free service 24/7/365 generating income around the clock for you – even while you sleep!

Huge Market & No Competition!

Every single person on the planet is a consumer and buys stuff, so you don’t need to waste time targeting any specific niche or have any special marketing skills to reach the “right” customers.  Anyone who wants to save money for Free is a customer.  One of the best parts of this business is that you don’t have to compete with giants like Walmart, Amazon, eBay, etc. because You make money when people shop there!

Watch Your Income Grow Month After Month!

Everyone who signs up for your Free service becomes your life-time customer.  As more and more people sign up for free, the more and more money you’ll be making month after month after month so it can continually grow! 

$50 in signup bonuses + 20% of their ongoing future shopping activities … FOREVER!

Now, Let’s Look At It From Your Customers Customers End …

Not only are customers able to sign up for FREE, but they also get a Shopping Bonus of $35 when they do.  What more incentive do they need to instantly start saving money on just about everything they’re already buying? 

$1,000.00 +

It’s nothing for your customers to save $1,000 and more every year from your Free service!  It depends on their shopping, but saving this much money will put a big smile on their face, and you’ll be smiling too because you’ll receive 20% of this money from each and every customer without ever having to deal with them – just let them sign up for Free and shop as normal – it’s that simple, period!

You Can See Income From Day 1 – Guaranteed!

We have spent a lot of time and money getting your business ready for you so we obviously want to make sure you’re serious about making money.  We can’t go through all that effort on someone who simply changes their mind, loses interest, or just wants to chase the next “shiny object” without ever even looking at their business. 

We know that you’re looking for a business that’s going to perform for you, and want a company who is serious about what they’re offering.  You don’t need to invest any additional money to start your business.  You don’t need any special skills or knowledge to start your business.  All you need to do is follow two very easy, simple, steps to start making money which is the only condition of this guarantee. 

Want Your Business For Free???  All it takes is 2 people who want to save money!  You can receive a $50 Cash Bonus for every person who uses your Free service which means just 2 customers and your entire investment is covered & your business is completely FREE!  There’s no ongoing expenses or monthly fees so everything after your fist 2 free customers is pure profit – $50 + 20% for life for each and every free signup!  Just a one-time investment of $99 gives you all this – can you imagine a complete, automated Home Business for under $100 that runs in the background of your life on Auto-Pilot making money 24/7/365 through a service that’s absolutely Free for customers to use!  Most people spend that every month just for Cable TV! 

Free Service - No Selling!

The service is 100% free for customers to use so you don’t have to try and “sell” anything!

Free Online Advertising!

No need to spend extra money promoting your business; simply copy & paste!

Free Offline Advertising!

No computer, no problem. We even provide you with Free direct mail advertising!

Get Your Business Free!

Just 2 people signing up for Free & your entire business investment is fully paid!

No Computer Needed!

You don’t need a computer or Internet service because we provide the website with NO monthly fee!

No Competition!

You don’t “compete” against giants like Amazon & eBay because YOU make money when people shop there!

Make Money 24/7/365!

A complete online business that generates income 24/7/365 while you’re off having fun!

Fully Guaranteed!

All you have to do is START! Your business is 100% guaranteed and backed by 24/7 support for any help you need!

Here’s Exactly How You’ll Make Money With This Business!

Maybe you’ve tried other businesses or selling other products that just didn’t go well.  Maybe it went so bad that you’re ready to give up on the idea of being able to make money, but here’s why this business is different, and how you’ll be able to easily make money following 2 simple steps!

First step is to open a couple free online accounts to track & pay you the money generated from your business.  If you can enter your name and think of a password then you got this step covered, but we can do this for you if you prefer.  You’ll have a list of everyone who signed up, and the income that’s been generated.

The second step is to simply go through the free advertising options and copy your favorite one – either Online (with a computer) or Offline (without a computer), and you’re done “working” for the day.  None of these will cost you any money, and can be done in a matter of minutes.  The free advertising does all the work getting customers while you’re off doing something else and enjoying life.  For each and every person using your Free service, YOU can get $50 plus 20% of the amount they save year after year – Forever! 

If you think about it – making money is actually easy – all you have to do is solve someone’s problem.  We buy food because we’re hungry, we buy clothes because we can’t run around naked, we buy soap and shampoo to keep our body clean, and brooms and mops to keep our house clean.  From basic necessities to luxury items to travel, you can be making money from over 500 MILLION products and services that people buy every day without ever speaking to a customer, handling a product, or having to deal with any stress or frustration!

Order Right Now & Start Making Money 24/7/365
For Just $99, No Monthly Fees, And Don’t Forget – Just 2 Free Signups, And Your Business Is Completely Free!


Since the free advertising does all the work, even direct mail advertising (No need for a computer!) you simply set it & forget it.  Customers get a $35 bonus for signing up for FREE, and can instantly start saving money shopping Online and in stores.  Their shopping activities can generate a lifelong income for you regardless of where they shop, what they purchase, or whether they like to shop at 2pm or 2am.  None of that matters because it still generates income for you – a $50 bonus when they start using the Free service plus 20% of their shopping activities for life!  Every day you wait to get started with this business, you’re losing money, so Get Started Today & let this business start generating a Passive, Residual income for you and your family.  Remember, your business has no ongoing expenses so just 2 Free signups & it’s completely FREE!  

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