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Congratulations On Your New Business!

We Know You’ll Do Great, But You May Want To Consider Adding These Optional Bonuses …

Bonus #1.  Our Online Health Store With 50% Profits! 

Your Affiliates will be armed to the teeth with Money-Making tools with this Bonus Online Heath Store business that combines 3 of the largest industries in the world with sales of 2.4 Trillion Dollars each and every year!

Your Affiliates do ALL the work and you receive 50% of the Profits they Generate.  These Profits come from Millions of products that Americans spend Billions of dollars on every year!  Medications, Sports Wear, Fitness Equipment, Nutrition Bars, Protein Powders, Shakes & Drinks, Vitamins, Supplements for a Healthy Heart, Brain, Bones, Joints, Skin, Vision, along with Medications and Remedies for Headaches, Anti-Aging, Digestion Problems, High Cholesterol, High Blood Pressure, Sleep Disorders, Allergies, and Much, Much More! 

Prescription Medication Sales

Over $ 0 Billion Per Year!

Diet & Weight Loss Sales

Over $ 0 Billion Per Year!

Health & Fitness Sales

Over $ 0 Billion Per Year!

Bonus #2.  Our Online Membership Business With 50% Profits! 

A Membership Business is one of the best ways to Scale your Monthly Income higher and higher!  As new Members join, your Income keeps growing and growing, and best of all, you have Affiliates to do everything for you.  Your Affiliates will be the ones promoting the Membership Business and signing up Members while you sit back and receive 50% of the profits!  This Bonus adds another Tremendous Income Stream to your business, and it’s completely hands-off for you!

Bonus #3.  A New Online Business Every Month With 75% Profits! 

($195 Monthly Value)

To keep your Affiliates Happy, Motivated, and Productive so the Money Continues to flow in non-stop, we’ll supply them with a new, Completely Turnkey Online Business that they can start using immediately to generate additional 100% Done-For-You Passive Income!  Sales will vary depending on the products sold, but you receive 75% of all profits generated from these ongoing businesses!  To keep your business as Automated as possible, these New Monthly Businesses are supplied to your Affiliates so they can do all the work and generate 75% profits for you as 100% Passive Income so as usual, No action is required from you!

This will continue to add New, Additional 100% Passive Income Streams for you!  Many of these New Monthly Businesses will be technical in nature so you’ll want to let all your Affiliates deal with it anyway.

Bonus #4.  Viral Facebook Share Feature! 

($97 Monthly Value)

Facebook is one of the Top Social Media platforms your Affiliates will use to make Sales and Generate Income for you.  Help them help you by adding this Option to your Business! 

Most likely, every single one of your Affiliates will be heavy Facebook users.  With this tool that we’ll provide in their Paid Referral Program (Your 100% Done For You Income Stream #4 which gives you 2nd Tier Affiliates) your Website will automatically be shared to everyone of their friends on Facebook giving you automated Free advertising which can reach thousands of people!  As of 2017, over 70% of all American’s have a Facebook account and the average Facebook user has 350 Facebook friends.

Here’s how this feature can take your S.H.O.P. business Viral on Facebook: Mary either signs up for your Free S.H.O.P. service and/or clicks to get a free gift.  When she does, Your Free Gift Post is automatically Shared on Mary’s Facebook page where ALL her friends can see it.  Using the Facebook average, you’ve just reached an additional 350 people with your business that you never knew existed.  Let’s say only 10% of Mary’s friends want a Free Gift as well (Valued at $47).  Automatically, Your Free Gift Post is also Shared on these 35 peoples Facebook Pages reaching another 12,500 people you never knew existed before (35 pages x an average of 350 Facebook friends each).  This just keeps getting Shared & Posted on numerous Facebook pages to continually increase your customer base and Passive Income on auto-pilot!

Just 1 Person Can Start The Viral Snowball:

1 Share can put your business in front of 350 people

If Just 10% of his/her friends click for their free gift …

With 2 Shares levels, your business can reach 12,250 people!

If 10% of their friends click for a free gift valued at $47…

With 3 Shares levels, your business can reach 428,750 people!

The 4th Share Level Will Reach Over 15 Million People!

This is how you see Facebook Post, Youtube Videos, etc. with Millions and Millions of views!

Bonus #5.  Unlimited Sales Funnel Add-On’s! 

($149 Monthly Value)

Upsell Sales Funnels have been proven to increase Sales by 80% which means 80% More Income for You!  Help your Affiliates do this by providing them with an Unlimited number of these Upsell Sales Funnels they can use to increase Sales & Your Income at the same time! 

These are great for Customers, and you’ve probably seen these before.  When customers place their order, they’re offered additional products/services that can compliment what they just purchased!  It’s a win/win situation because it gives the customer added value to their order and increases your Income at the same time!

Here’s What An 80% Sales Funnel Can Do For Your Income!

Old Income


Upsell Amount


Upsell Income


New Income


Old Income


Upsell Amount


Upsell Income


New Income


Old Income


Upsell Amount


Upsell Income


New Income


One of the best ways your Affiliates can use an Upsell Sales Funnel to dramatically increase your income is to offer a basic product at a very low price on the initial offer which brings in a lot of customers.  Then a premium product is offered to those customers at a great, but higher price, which brings in a lot more money (this is the last example above showing how sales increased from just $58,000 to $216,400 due to the added Upsell Sales Funnel).  Make sure this is apart of your business by clicking the button below and adding these optional features!

Add These Awsome Bonus Features To Your Business (Over $400/Monthly Value) For Just $79 Total!

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